BadHabit® CORP

BadHabit® Corporation is the biggest provider of entertainment and media services back in our world. As a group of companies, we’ve created a great variety of industries ready to accomplish all of your needs, range from advertising and marketing agencies to clothing and fashion retailers.

We've created this corporation trying to explore every single magical place we could find in our way. Soon, we’ll be able to put those mystical places right around to you, these are the solid rock bases of each of our industries. Our shield, symbolize everything we defend, everyone we love, and the glory we are after. Our philosophies have always been the same: Trust your instincts blindly, they will take you as far as you need, it doesn’t matter if people thinks that what you’re doing is wrong, keep being as rough as you are!.

We really are hoping you can enjoy all of our companies as much as we enjoy creating them, so please make yourself at home and let our world delights you.

See BadHabit® Corporation’s History for a more complete information.

BadHabit® Headquarters | (+1) 347 932 9780 | New York, NY